Question’s and Answers
for Your Help

01. How long it takes to create a new website

Our Team starts working as soon as we take the order. Delivery time ranges from 10 to 30 Days.

02. What kind of CMS are you using

We mostly using WordPress. But if our client needs another CMS we can offer it.

03. How much can cost a good website

Depends from many factors such as: how many pages, banners etc will have. Our packages starting from 800$

04. Can i see my website when its under construction

Yes you can see it when the first stage its completed and its uploaded on the server for review

05. If iam currently hosted in another company can i still use my company

Yes you can

06. Do i get charged for a quote

Absolutely No

07. Do you work internationally

Yes we do.

08. Is your 24/7 support over phone or mail

Our 24/7/365 support its through phone, Skype or email. Or what other way its more convenience for you.

09. What kind of business your remote solution serves

All kinds of businesses from small to large

10. Can i choose my security surveillance system?

Absolutely yes